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FMC Payment Terms for Suppliers

To be competitive in our industry, effective as of October 15, 2018, FMC’s standard payment terms are moving from net 60 days to net 90 days, unless contracted otherwise.  Suppliers providing goods and services to FMC locations in North America, Hong Kong, and Denmark will have the option to enroll in the Citibank Supplier Finance Program, which will enable them to be paid in less than 15 days at a negotiated discount rate to be agreed directly with Citibank.  We are also continuing to enable Supplier Finance in more countries.

Geographically Dictated Payment Terms Requirement

Payment terms for the following countries are currently net 90 days:
China        Denmark        Mexico        USA

Payment terms for the following countries are currently net 60 days: 
France       Poland

Payment terms for the following countries are currently net 45 days:

Ireland Spain
Hong  Kong
Norway Thailand
India Pakistan United Kingdom
Indonesia Philippines Uruguay

Note: For all countries that are not listed above, FMC standard payment terms of net 90 apply.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Procurement representative or the Payment Terms Office at The answers to commonly asked questions are included in the Frequently Asked Questions document below.  Be prepared to reference your supplier name, supplier number, location, and other relevant payment or supplier information.


What does “net 90,” "net 60," or "net 45" mean?
These terms mean that FMC will pay the full invoice amount within 90, 60 or 45 days, respectively, calculated from the invoice date.

How was the payment term net 90 selected?
FMC conducted extensive research, including benchmarking against its industry standards, and as a result of the data, will standardize terms to be net 90 days (with exception for some countries, the payment terms will be net 45 days).

May I request that the change in payment terms occur at a later date?
New terms will take effect as of October 15, 2018.  Contact your Procurement representative to discuss changes to your payment terms.  Exceptions must be approved by the , with evidence of proper justification.

How do these changes affect open purchase orders, new purchase orders issued, and invoices received on or before the effective date?
Invoices against all new purchase orders, raised after the effective date, will be paid as per the new payment terms unless contracted otherwise.

What actions should I take?
Please ensure that your accounts receivable department is aware of the new payment terms. Suppliers who wish to participate in the Citibank Supplier Finance program please reach out to your Procurement representative and