FMC 2013 Sustainability Report - page 3

Our people are the heart of FMC’s sustainability
culture. Every day, more than 5,600 employees
around the world are shaping innovative solutions
that meet present and future customer needs.
Whether we are enhancing food production,
helping to improve human health and nutrition, or
contributing to a more sustainable energy supply, we
are always mindful of our responsibility to conserve
natural resources, give back to the communities
where we operate, and keep our employees safe.
We have embraced a new approach to R&D that
requires a thorough evaluation of the potential
sustainability impact before new products or
applications are developed. Three years ago, we set a
2015 goal to allocate at least 50 percent of our R&D
spending to projects that positively impact one or
more of our five global sustainability challenges. We
surpassed our goal in 2013.
I am also pleased to report steady progress last year
in safety and community engagement. In 2013, our
Total Recordable Incidence Rate was 0.41, well on
our way to the 2015 goal of 0.37. And our Community
Engagement Index rose to 83, on a steady path to
reaching our 2015 target of 90.
Equally important, in 2013 we continued to
integrate sustainability into our business processes.
Specifically, we:
? Expanded our vendor selection process to ensure
suppliers meet our expectations regarding legal
compliance, environmental, health, safety, ethical,
human dignity and fair labor practices.
? Further integrated sustainability into our stage
gate process for new product development.
? Included sustainability in our Capital
Deployment Process.
Companies that are flexible are often in the best
position to embrace change, whether it means
incorporating sustainability into decision
making or pursuing a new company structure.
Today, FMC is in the midst of significant
change. In March 2014, we announced
plans to separate into two independent,
public companies: a new FMC Corporation
that consists of our Agricultural Solutions
and Health and Nutrition businesses; and
FMC Minerals, comprised of our Alkali Chemicals
and Lithium businesses. This realignment is a
natural progression of our Vision 2015 strategic
plan, providing greater freedom for each company
to optimize its respective business model. Although
each company will serve different markets with
its own experienced management team and
talented workforce, both will inherit a common
sustainability DNA that has become a defining
characteristic of today’s FMC. The marketplace
will soon have two FMC legacy companies with
solid frameworks in place to measure and maintain
sustainability progress.
We are proud of our accomplishments, but we know
there is more we can do to lessen our environmental
footprint, broaden our sustainable product portfolio,
improve safety and strengthen our community
relationships. We accept these challenges and look
forward to addressing them with our customers
and in the communities where we operate throughout
the world.
Pierre Brondeau
President, Chief Executive Officer
and Chairman of the Board
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