FMC 2013 Sustainability Report - page 9

and functional area to engage in detailed
discussions that create value for FMC
and its stakeholders.
Facing Major Global Challenges
FMC’s mission and focus on improving
lives worldwide led us to pinpoint five
“market shaping shifts” that we can
influence. When we began our formal
sustainability program in 2011, these
shifts served as a blueprint for taking
a more strategic and comprehensive
approach to our responsibilities in
meeting the needs of a rapidly
changing world.
Going forward we will refer to the
“shifts” as “major global challenges.”
This revised terminology reflects the fact
that these issues are among society’s
most profound concerns and have
significant implications for our shared
future. Because FMC and our products
can make a positive contribution to
mitigating the problems, they frame our
direction and give greater meaning to
our work.
More than anything, we want to shape
FMC’s future as a contributor to a better
world. Creating solutions that address
these major global challenges are vital
to the stakeholders with whom we
partner and share the goal of a more
sustainable future.
Evolving Our Role
FMC has made a choice to embrace
sustainability. We know that our
influence goes beyond our company and
our immediate stakeholders into the
broader world. As a leading specialty
chemicals company, we are in a position
to make a meaningful difference – and
we are committed to doing so.
Continue to integrate
sustainability into existing
business processes.
Integrated sustainability into the
capital deployment process.
Ensure we have the
infrastructure to quickly
engage stakeholders in the
event of an emergency.
Published and utilized a corporate
incident management guide.
more on page 12).
Provide product stewardship
training on secure storage and
container management in Asia
and Latin America.
Over 19,000 people were trained in
Latin America.
(See pages 40-41
for more details).
Continue to embed
sustainability into employees’
everyday roles.
Conducted ‘How You Can Make
a Difference’ campaign. Survey
results indicate the need to
continue making sustainabiltiy
relevant for all employees.
In 2013, all employees will be
retrained under FMC’s Code of
Ethics (revised in 2012).
In 2013, 97% of all employees were
re-trained on the new code and
the remaining 3% are expected to
complete the program in 2014.
Civil treatment training for
managers to be completed at
all U.S. and Canadian sites.
All U.S. and Canadian managers
completed civil treatment
training in 2013.
Requalify all significant
suppliers against our
updated vendor selection and
management process.
In 2013, all of our most significant
existing suppliers were requalified.
(See page 37 for more details.)
In 2013, the EMCOE team will
conduct comprehensive plant
energy assessments.
Energy audits were conducted at
our Rockland, Maine, and Milazzo,
Italy, facilities.
(Read more
on pages 31-32.)
2014 GOALS
Pilot a focused
sustainability training program
social audit assessments
at five more sites.
Train all US employees in
Civil Treatment Program.
Validate all
existing raw materials suppliers and significant
construction contractors
with FMC’s vendor selection and
management process.
Manufacturing Excellence programs
at two additional sites:
Wyoming, Illinois and Middleport, New York.
Conduct an
energy assessment
by the EMCOE team at Green River,
Wyoming, FMC’s largest site.
Perform a
detailed waste assessment project
to inform our strategy
for waste reduction.
Integrate sustainability considerations into
M&A and capital
allocation processes
Increase our
Global Community
Engagement Index
Reduce our TRIR
by at least 50%
0.37) when
compared to 2011
TRIR of 0.41
57% of R&D spend
Index increased to 83
50% of R&D spend
focused on new solutions
that positively impact the
global challenges
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